Enshrouded farm and use Flint

Enshrouded is currently available in early access on PC! This tutorial will show you how to farm and use Flint.

You are the last hope for a fading race, the Flameborn. Reclaim your fallen kingdom and flee the ravage s of a corrupting mist. This coop action-survival game can be played up-to   sixteen players, allows you to explore a large map area, take on tough bosses and build your own fortress.

Where and how to get Flint in Enshrouded? 

You may come across mineral-rich mines while exploring the map and the Flint is easily recognizable by its black stones, usually found on the edge of a cliff

Why Flint is very important in Enshrouded?

Flint is a very important resource particularly early in the game. It makes it possible to craft or upgrade specific tools. It is especially needed to upgrade arrows, which have a much higher damage output.

Farming flint will let you craft better arrows, which will be incredibly helpful to you when exploring and fighting enemies, and will help you to progress through the game more swiftly.

Enshrouded, HFarm and use Flint

What is Enshrouded?

Set on a huge Voxel continent, Enshrouded is a gripping action-RPG that combines survival, crafting, and combat. Players can freely explore mountains and deserts in an open world where they can choose their own destiny. 

The objective of the game starts with you having to look for remnants of a vanished empire, avoid hungry predators, and survive in the wild. While exploring dungeons, caverns, and woodlands in search of secret knowledge and treasure, building the strength needed to face the horrors of the Shroud's depths.

The center of the battle is The Shroud, an ancient force that is corrupting the area. Players must face destructive factions and terrifying bosses like Cave Vukah, Forest Demons, and Fallen Mist Creatures. Combat is exciting, full of unexpected skills and potent spells that let you parry, dodge, and surprise your opponents. Having a large skill tree gives you the chance to create your own playing style.