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In Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, you have a choice of 27 different jobs. These are game classes and you can customize them to suit your needs at any time. After playing the game for well over 100 hours, we present our picks for the top jobs in the game, along with information on when you can change them.

When can you assign new classes, change jobs?

Each character in your team has an exclusive job and before you may actively switch jobs you must first play the main mission for a while. During Chapter 5 you will automatically reach Alo-Happy Tours, where you can reserve a variety of trip tours. During these activities you’ll have the chance to assign new classes.

You must enter the changing room at Alo-Happy Tours in order to switch classes. Similar changing rooms can be found throughout the game in other locations. On the map, they will be indicated with a green palm tree sign.

Just like in the previous installment, you can also transfer skills and take them with you to new jobs. Unlike the previous game, where jobs could only take over certain skills, this edition allows you to freely use up to six slots for skills from other jobs. These become accessible as the bond level rises. If you put some efforts, you can even take on the essence of a different job.

Like a Dragon Infinite, Wealth, Best Jobs, Change Jobs, Inherit Skills
You need to level a class to at least level 22 in order to unlock all of the standard skills for a job. Essences are added at levels 24 and 30. To transfer their skills, it is worthwhile to perform other jobs to at least level 22. Combine as many different damage types into one character as you can. This will allow you to constantly exploit your opponents' weaknesses in combat.

The best jobs

In Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, there are jobs that are better than others. After trying out all the classes, we would like to suggest our personal favorites to you. 

Hero, Dragon of Dojima, Assassin, Idol, Samurai, Kunoichi, Aquanaut  

Some jobs are better suited to certain characters. For example, Nanba's base magic value is high; hence he's best suited for jobs like cook or host and Kazuma's high basic attack value makes him a good choice for action star or samurai roles. To form a well-balanced team, specialize your characters appropriately and play to their strengths.

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