Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Safe Keys, farm material locations

In this article, we’ll share with you a guide on how to find Safe Keys to unlock gold and silver chest and we also help you to farm weapon upgrade materials.

If you walk around Honolulu City, you will occasionally stumble upon chests made of gold or silver. You require one key for silver chests and three keys for gold chests. In the story, you frequently acquire safe keys after specific confrontations, but they are scarce, particularly in the beginning.

There are five keys available at Honolulu's Treasure Select Pawn shops and you can buy each for $100. The following locations are where you can find these shops: 

- To the right of Julie's Gearworks on Hula Avenue.

- At River Street's northernmost point.

- The far northwest of the map, to the right of the Nirvana Hotel.

- Upstairs at the Anaconda Shopping Center.    


A chest you find can be found again later if you interact with it once even if you don't have a key with you. This is because the chest will be marked on your map.

Like a Dragon, Infinite Wealth, Safe Keys, Farm Material, Locations

Farm weapon upgrade materials 

Ichiban can now swim and dive into the ocean at Aloha Beach for the first time. You can dive at the yellow markers for things that you can exchange for points from the NPC at the Aloha Seaside Restaurant. However, the two disguised traders, who are drifting on a raft in the ocean, are even more interesting.

An NPC that sells supplies like electrical and lava fragments as well as a dealer of weaponry may be found here. If you have the required funds, you can purchase them in unlimited quantities in Honolulu. Here, you may even transform raw resources into more valuable products. Julie's Gearworks has the supplies you need to upgrade and create firearms.