LoL: Disabling Riot Vanguard anti cheat

Is Vanguard causing you issues in League of Legends (LoL)? Don't worry we’ll show you how to disable this anti cheat software.

It has been noticed by several players that the Vanguard system starts up when the PC boots up and continues to operate even when LoL is not running. Riot responded to inquiries from gamers and according to them the anti-cheat system launches when the PC boots up. However, it consumes very little resources and, most importantly, doesn't gather any data. It launches with the computer to guarantee that it is working.

How to deactivate Vanguard?

The Riot offered two methods:

The first one is really easy: just look for "Riot Vanguard" in your list of programs and remove it. The only issue with this modification is that when you launch VALORANT, you'll need to reinstall the program and restart your PC.

LoL, Disable Riot Vanguard, Anti Cheat

In the second method, you'll be asked to go through your files. The steps to take are as follows:

1. Open the folder where Riot Vanguard is located.

2. Locate the vgk.sys file and give it a new name

3. Restart your PC

4. To reactivate Vanguard, do the opposite way before play LoL.

Please note that using cheat software is forbidden by Riot Games.

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