League of Legends LoL: how to play Smolder? Best build

Smolder is the newest League of Legends (LoL) Season 14 champion, currently playable on League of Legends test servers. He is a dragon who is distinguished by his extremely innocent side and, most importantly, his limitless scaling abilities!

Please note that since the Smolder has just recently been made available, this information may change in the future.

Smolder Runes, League of Legends, LoL, Best Build, Season 14


League of Legends, LoL,  Smolder Runes, Best Build

Massive damage, mana, scaling, and scaling are just a few of the benefits these runes provide to Smolder. Furthermore, Lethal Tempo is a rune that may be taken on Smolder and is also rather effective. Over time, these runes become increasingly damage-focused.

Smolder Spells:

Flash: This is an essential spell and should be used by most champions, whether they are attacking or defending.

Teleport: A necessary spell for Smolder, who is immobile and seeks to collect as many Creep Score (CS) as he can.
Heal: Beneficial to any ADC (Attack Damage Carry). 

Exhaust: Really effective to secure kills and boost your damage taken.

This is Smolder's suggested build in ADC Lane:

Smolder Standard Build:

(Core Items)

1. Naovri Quickblades
2. Essence Reaver
3. Lord Dominik’s Regards 

Other endgame options 

1. Bloodthirster 
2. Stormrazor
3. The Collector 
4. Immortal Shieldbow

Choice of Boots

Berserker's Greaves: Pretty standard, movement speed and attack speed to deal more damage. 

Skill Priority

Q, W, E

Skill Order 

1 Q
2 W
3 E
4 Q
5 Q
6 R
7 Q
8 W
9 Q
10 W
11 R
12 W
13 W
14 E
15 E
16 R
17 E
18 E

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