LoL Arena: how to play Udyr? best build, Augments, duo combo

Udyr is one of the champions that you’ll encounter in the League of Legends new mode called Arena or 2v2v2v2. In this guide, we’ll show you the best starting items, the best Augments and the most optimal duo compositions to play.  

Udyr Starting Items in Arena

Guardian's Horn: A great starting item for increasing resistance and replenishing hit points.

Mythic Items

Jak'Sho, the Protean: When you stack the Jak'Sho throughout a prolonged battle, you become extremely resistant.

Standard build

Jak'Sho, the Protean

Demonic Embrace

Frozen Heart

If you are playing Udyr, you will require items to keep you alive throughout fight. You’ll get some powerful armor and magic resistance enhancements from Jak'Sho. The Demonic Embrace can melt an enemy's HP, and the Frozen Heart can slow an enemy's attack speed.

Other Endgame Options

Sunfire Aegis 

Force of Nature


Dead Man's Plate

Consider defensive items like the four we have listed above as they work incredibly well for Udyr. Of course, the decision will be based on the match-ups.

Choice of Boots

Boots of Swiftness: These boots are excellent for staggering and for staying mobile during teamfights thanks to the extra movement speed in combat.

Mercury’s Treads: Interesting against a lot of control. Be careful though, tenacity is ineffective against stun or knock-ups.

Plated Steelcaps: These boots are particularly good at mitigating physical damage, especially if it comes from basic attacks.

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Udyr's best support Augments in Arena

Spell-Based Damage: These augments improve the damage of your spells, or allow you to cast more spells.


Accelerating Sorcery


Jeweled Gauntlet

Zhonya’s Epiphany

Ultimate revolution

Mystic Punch


Apex inventor

From beginning to end

Summoning Expert

Lightning Strikes

Phenomenal evil




Infernal soul



Warmup routine

Buff buddies

Movement speed: These augments give movement speed, or give you bonuses related to your movement.


Blade Waltz

Tap Dancer


With Haste

Outlaw's Grit

Defensive Maneuvers



Don't Blink


Ice Cold

Now You See Me

Shadow Runner

Defense: These Augments help you take more damage.


Courage of the Colossus


Ultimate Revolution


Celestial body

Defensive Maneuvers

Dawnbringer's Resolve


Restless Restoration


Mountain Soul

Fallen Aegis

Mind to Matter

Best Udyr Duo Compositions / Combos in LoL Arena

Regarding Udyr's best duos in Arena, you have several choices: choose a champion who can do high AP damage, but ideally AD. 

Malzahar / Aurelion Sol: Two excellent 2v2v2v2 AP champions who can control enemies with ease.

Senna / Twitch: Two AD champions who work quite well with Udyr to control and deal heavy ranged damage to enemies.

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