LoL Arena: how to play Naafiri? best build, Augments, duo combo

Naafiri is a champion and a playable character in League of Legends (LoL) Arena 2v2v2v2 game mode. In this guide, we share the best Augments to utilize, the best items to buy, and the optimal duo compositions to play.

Naafiri Starting Items in Arena

Dagger: The ideal weapon for assassins, a lot of physical damage, lethality, and skill haste. 

Guardian's Blade: Haste and AD for anyone who needs to cast physical spells quickly.

Mythic Items

Dusk blade of Draktharr: This item has a significant damage bonus and the additional benefit of being able to become untargetable after killing a target make it perfect for escaping danger or continuing a fight.

Eclipse: Due to the additional damage and shield it offers, this item is quite effective for winning 1v1 battles.

Standard build

Black Cleaver

Serylda's Grudge 

Ravenous Hydra

In this build, your goal is to take out your enemy. In general, if there are strong characters in front, you will complete Serylda's Grudge swiftly.

Other Endgame Options

Death's Dance

Serpent’s Fang

Edge of Night

Maw of Malmortius

LoL Arena, How To Play, Naafiri, Best Build, Augments, Duo, Combo Guide

To finish the game, Naafiri will try to become more resistant. Death's Dance against physical damage, Maw of Malmortius against magic damage, Serpent’s Fang if there are shields, Edge of Night against certain characters and Serrated Dirk Sword to counter heals.

Choice of B

Ghostcrawlers: Original boots that let you cross walls. can be exciting depending on how well the matches up. 

Ionian Boots of Lucidity: If your champion is in dire need of haste early in the game, these boots are for you!

Naafiri's best support Augments in Arena

Depending on the situation, it's crucial to be adaptable when selecting your Augments, Naafiri is an AD Carry that needs to be very moveable. You can give it movement and damage on attacks.

Auto Attack (AA) Based Damage: These boosts improve your damage if based on your basic attacks.


Blade Waltz

Symphony of War

Ultimate Revolution


Momentous Strike

Soul Siphon

From beginning to end

It’s Critical

The Brutalizer

Lightning Strikes

Scoped Weapons


Infernal Soul





Warmup Routine

Blunt Force

Buff Buddies

These Augments give you movement speed:


Blade Waltz

Tap Dancer



Momentous Strike

With Haste


Cloud Soul

Shadow Runner

Now You See Me


Best Naafiri Duo Compositions / Combo in LoL Arena

Regarding the best Naafiri duo compositions in Arena, you have several choices: pick a champion such as a Tank or an Enchanter support to further boost his movement and personal defenses.

Milio: A very effective support for extending his carry's range and maintaining distance.

Heimerdinger: Constantly playing reception

Mordekaiser (Paladin version): To have huge shields and lots of healing.

Seraphine: She provides both good magic damage and good support options.

Taric: To complete and have a bit of everything

Alistar: To help you set-up your spells and play the clock

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