Tekken 8 All Characters and their Martial, Fighting Styles

This is a list of all the fighters along with the martial art, or fighting styles they use to take each other out in Tekken 8. Azucena, Reina, and Victor Chevalier are also among the recent arrivals.

Three new players are added to the outstanding roster. Details about the fighters, including their backgrounds and preferred fighting styles, are provided below.


Her greatest ambition was to become the world's greatest coffee farmer, as her parents own a coffee plantation situated over 2,000 meters above sea level. Thanks to her fearless fighting style she became an MMA champion.

Origin: Peru

Fighting style: Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)


Reina is a little-known character and she was frequently spotted at Mishima Polytechnic school.

Origin: Unknown

Fighting style: She uses Taido and Mishima martial art techniques 

Victor Chevalier

Victor Chevalier is renowned for his generosity to those in need and is regarded as the founder of the Raven Force (UN's Independent Forces Founder). His custom-fit outfit and cutting-edge weaponry round out his unique combat technique.

Origin: France

Fighting style: Super Spy styled close-quarters combat (CQC)

Complete list of fighters

As many of you are aware from Tekken's lengthy history, the new Tekken 8 roster includes legendary fighters in addition to the new characters. It is impossible to overlook well-known characters like Hwoarang, Yoshimitsu, and Jin Kazama. The entire fighter roster is shown below, arranged alphabetically.

Alisa Bosconovitch

Origin: Russia

Fighting Style: Thruster-based, high mobility fighting style

Asuka Kazama

Origin: Japan

Fighting Style: Traditional Kazama style martial arts

Bryan Fury

Origin: USA

Fighting style: Kickboxing

Tekken 8, All Characters, Roster, Martial Art Styles, Fighting Styles

Claudio Serafino

Origin: Italy

Fighting Style: Sirius Exorcism Arts

Devil Jin

Origin: Unknown

Fighting Style: combination of Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts and Mishima Style Martial Arts Fighting. 

Feng Wei

Origin: China

Fighting style: Taijiquan


Origin: South Korea

Fighting style: Taekwondo


Origin: Unknown

Fighting style: Brute force

Jin Kazama

Origin: Japan

Fighting style: karate

Jun Kazama

Origin: Japan

Fighting style: Traditional Kazama style martial arts

Kazuya Mishima

Origin: Unknown

Fighting style: Mishima style karate


Origin: Mexico

Fighting style: wrestling


Origin: Unknown

Fighting style: Advanced Kuma Shin Ken (Heihachi Style)

Lars Alexandersson

Origin: Sweden

Fighting style: Tekken Force martial arts

Lee Chaolan

Origin: Japan

Fighting style: martial arts


Origin: Germany

Fighting style: Bajiquan

Leroy Smith

Origin : USA

Fighting style : Wing Chun


Origin : Monaco

Fighting style : street fighting

Ling Xiaoyu

Origin: China

Fighting style: Baguazhang (Piguauhang-based Chinese martial art)

Marshall Law

Origin: USA

Fighting style: martial arts

Nina Williams

Origin: Ireland

Fighting style: Assassination Arts


Origin: China

Fighting style: Kuma Shinken

Paul Phoenix 

Origin: USA

Fighting style: Martial art based on Judo


Origin: Unknown

Fighting style: Ninjutsu

Sergei Dragunov

Origin: Russia

Fighting style: Commando Sambo


Origin: Saudi Arabia

Fighting style: Close Quarters Combat

Steve Fox

Origin: Great Britain

Fighting style: boxing


Origin: Unknown

Fighting style: Manji Ninja Arts


Origin: Unknown

Fighting style: Ancient Assassination Arts

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