Best Helldivers 2 graphics settings to increase FPS, visibility

In this guide, we’ll share with you the best graphics and in-game settings to increase FPS and visibility in Helldivers 2 on PC.

Graphics Settings

Graphics Preset - Low

Motion Blur - 0

Depth of Field - Off

Sharpness - 0.75

Texture Quality - Ultra

Object Detail Quality - Low

Render Distance - Low

Shadow Quality - Lowest 

Particle Quality - Lowest

Reflection Quality - Lowest 

Space Quality - Low

Ambient Occlusion - Off

Screen Space Global Illumination - Off

Vegetation and Rubble Density - Low

Terrain Quality - Low

Volumetric Fog Quality - Lowest

Volumetric Cloud Quality - Lowest

Lighting Quality - Low

Anti-Aliasing - On

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Display Settings

Camera Shake Strength - Off

Vertical Field of View - 55

Resolution - Native

Render Scale - Native

Display Mode - Borderless Window    

V-Sync - Off

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