Enshrouded get and reset skill points, level up classes guide

Enshrouded allows you to focus on one or more classes to tailor your playstyle, and in this article will explain how to obtain skill points in the classes and how to reset (respec) them again.

Classes and skills overview 

You can access the skill tree in the menu by pressing the H key on your keyboard. Here, you will find a purple glowing circle surrounded by a vast number of small and large dots. You can utilize each individual point to level up your attributes or unlock new attacks and special moves.

You can choose to specialize in twelve different classes in total:
















The associated classes stand for the stored attribute. Strength (red), Dexterity (green), or Intelligence (blue) are represented by the little dots in their corresponding branches level.

The skills are varied and can be combined in any way that is preferred. The cost of the large points is between three and four skill points, and the medium-sized points are between two and three.   

It is important to consider your preferred style of play when choosing classes. Selecting the best from multiple classes makes sense if you are playing alone. You are ultimately in charge of your own healing, resilience and strength.

Enshrouded, Reset Skill Points, Level Up Classes, Guide

It makes sense for players to specialize in one or two branches when they play with other players. This might entail, for instance, having a healer in the background who revives fallen comrades or a tank on the squad who defends the others.

How to get skill points?

You require skill points before you can specialize in one or more classes. These are awarded as rewards from certain quests, or you obtain them each time you level up. You can see the rewards for the open quests in the diary at any time.

There are many different ways to link the attributes and special attacks together because there are twelve distinct classes. You can reset the skill points you've already allotted if your playing style changes or if you find that you need to utilize a specific strategy because you won't succeed otherwise.

How to Reset (Respec) the skill points?

You must go to the Flame Altar and choose the third area to reset your skill points. You can reset the points and acquire all of your skill points again for 10 runes, which also reset the class.

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