Best graphics settings to run Enshrouded on low or high PC

In this article, we’ll share with you the best graphics settings to run Enshrouded smoothly on your low-end or high-end PC.

Display Settings

Display Mode - Fullscreen

Resolution - Native 

Resolution Scale - 100%

V-Sync - Off

Field of View - Default 

Limit Framerate in Background - On


Quality Preset - Custom

Anti-Aliasing - DLSS

DLSS Quality - Quality 

Texture Resolution - Performance 

Shadow Quality - Balanced 

Contact Shadows - Off

Best Graphics Settings, Enshrouded, Low-End PC Settings,  High--End PC Settings

Indirect Lighting - Balance

Reflections - Balance 

FOG Quality - Performance

Volumetric Shadow Quality - Balanced 

SSAO - Balanced 

Distance Objects - Balanced

Voxel Detail Models - Balanced

Small Foliage - Performance

Tessellation - Quality 

Point Light Shadows - Off

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