Nightingale: recruit NPC survivors and inventory tips

In the brand-new survival building and adventure game Nightingale, you'll have to collect resources, make tools, develop a base of operations, fend off a variety of deadly little and large creatures, and explore new realms in search of the lost city of Nightingale. 

If you have encountered an NPC survivor in Nightingale, who you could recruit typically by doing activities for them, you may have noticed that you are unable to manage their actions or behavior; they only obey you and make use of the equipment or weapon you give them. 

These survivors can help you fight, gather resources, build structures, and even serve as pack mules. In addition, they maintain the fire for workstations that need fuel; if you light the fire and it runs out, they will help you. But they literally use anything in the storage as fuel, so your finest refined wood or paper for Realm cards could end up burned. This is where storage container access comes into play.

Nightingale, Recruit NPC Survivors, Inventory Tips

When working with your storage, you'll notice an option that lets you limit access for survivors. It's important to select the correct permissions to safeguard your most valuable assets. Unfortunately, this functionality wasn't functioning as planned on our preview build, so our recruit would frequently replenish workstations with anything we had stashed away. In that case it's best to leave the workstations off until you need them as survivors only refuel active burning fires.

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