Pacific Drive: Matter Regenerator guide, crafting tips

In the latest survival game Pacific Drive, you travel across the Pacific Northwest on foot or in a car while trying to figure out how to escape. In this post, we’ll share with you some useful tips on Matter Regenerator.

When you first start out in Pacific Drive, repair putty and ceiling kits are in handy for minor repairs, but as you progress, depending on these items becomes burdensome on your materials. The Matter Regenerator, a game-changing feature that the fabrication station unlocks, allows you to save extra materials by simply restoring your items during runs.

Pacific Drive, Matter Regenerator, Guide, Crafting Tips

At the beinning your adventure, focus your chemical resources on the Matter Regenerator as it holds the key to effective repairs. After it's working, just place the parts that need to be fixed into it and go for your next drive. They will be easily restored when you get back, saving you from having to use repair putty. 

It's important to remember that damaged parts will always have permanent debuffs; therefore, recycling is recommended for these items.

To craft the Matter Regenerator you need to have 30 pieces of plastic, 10 pieces of rubber and six chemicals. Just be sure to have the Matter Deconstructor and the craft mat already.

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