Pacific Drive: Tire guide, upgrading tips

Pacific Drive is a 2024 survival game where you travel around the Pacific Northwest on foot or in a station wagon while trying to figure out how to get away. In this post, we’ll share with you some useful tips on tires.

If you drive a station wagon in Pacific Drive, the car's panels are not as sturdy at first and will probably get damaged. Nevertheless, it is preferable to concentrate on getting better tires for a smoother ride rather than making the panels stronger at least in the beginning of the game.

The performance of your car on the road is significantly improved by summer tires, which you can obtain by installing a scanning antenna and researching gear. Even though the original spare tires are still fine, upgrading to summer tires is preferable because they last longer and handle roads better. 

Pacific Drive, Tire Guide, Upgrading Tips

By going to the wheel tab in the fabrication station, you can also unlock more tire blueprints. Off-road tires offer the best performance, but somewhat worsening road handling. These tires are long-lasting and perform well in both water and off-road conditions so you may spend more time and money on other things instead of repairing your car. A small amount of fabric and stable energy points are all you need to get off-road tires.