Play Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth in advance on PS5

In this blog post you can learn how to play Final Fantasy VII (FF7) Rebirth before anyone else.

With FF7 Rebirth soon to be released, excitement among fans of this franchise is growing. The intense battle against Sephiroth will continue in this much anticipated chapter, which promises to immerse players back into the rich and captivating universe of Midgar. In this article we’ll share with you a trick that lets you get in on the adventure ahead of most gamers worldwide. 

Japan and New Zealand players will be able to play FF7 Rebirth before anyone else in the world when it goes live on February 29 on PS5. This time zone difference opens a unique window of opportunity for players from around the globe who are keen to start their adventure right away.

The procedure requires setting up a new PS account with a new email address, selecting New Zealand as the region. Sometimes it's necessary to use a VPN in order to conceal your true location and make it appear as though you're in New Zealand.

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Once FF7 Rebirth is released in New Zealand, you can play it on your primary account by enabling console sharing after buying the game on this new account. The game can still be played without needing to be purchased again as long as your PS5 account is active.

For the most ardent fans, this approach provides the thrill of playing FF7 Rebirth before anybody else, which is a huge advantage. However, some players might be turned off by the need to navigate account setups and possibly use a VPN.

You can still wait till the official release in your area if the process appears too complicated for you. To provide synchronized worldwide access for digital gamers, the digital release is slated for February 29.

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