Pacific Drive: kits and essential items guide

Pacific Drive is a new survival game set in the Pacific Northwest where you must traverse on foot or in a vehicle in order to find a way to escape. Whether you want to start the game as a complete beginner or if you want to start with a little bit of knowledge then our kits and essential items tips for Pacific Drive will help you to advance through the game quickly.

You can get stuck in the Pacific Drive and be unable to fix your car and acquire necessary resources if you forget to bring Scrappers, a Prybar, or Scrap metal. Make sure you have packed all of your necessary goods before you leave.

You will require a variety of repair kits as you venture deeper into the zone and make your way back to your garage. For example, you will require the mechanic kit to fix a broken engine or a loose wheel, the ceiling kit to patch up flat tires and cracked windshields, and the electrician kit to deal with a dead battery or a malfunctioning headlight.

Pacific Drive, Kits, Essential Items Guide

When you're out scavenging, it makes sense to have an extra electrician kit or two because you can use them for more than simply repairs. The majority of the doors in the zone are locked with chain and padlocks, which you can break with a Prybar. However, for some electronic doors, you'll need an electrician's kit to open.

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