Pacific Drive: scanning guide

The Pacific Northwest is the setting for the latest survival game Pacific Drive, in which you must travel either on foot or in a station wagon while trying to find a way escape. In case you want to begin the game with some prior knowledge or if you want to start from scratch and have the best possible start, these scanning tips for Pacific Drive will help you to advance through the game quickly.

Fixing the scanning antenna early on in the game is a wise move because it unlocks more upgrades for you at the fabrication station later on. By scanning a destination you can learn details about landmarks, anomalous encounters, and weather effects. You can also see how long it will take to go there from the scan, which gives you an idea of when time of day you'll be passing through that region.

In order to begin scanning you must first get a mechanical eye headset from the auto shop. It's best to scan a damaged car part first before utilizing any items; this method identifies the type of damage and the precise item needed for the repair. If there isn't a repair available, it might be because you haven't yet unlocked that specific item.

Pacific Drive, Scanning Guide

It's important to note that some fabrication station Tech Tree items require prior scanning in the area. It's crucial to scan everything you encounter especially anomalies. For example, the Lightning Rod that charges your battery is unlocked by scanning a Wriggling Wreck anomaly, while Puncture Proof tires are unlocked by scanning a Spike Puddle anomaly.

You'll be well-prepared for the challenges ahead if you develop the practice of thorough scanning.

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