Unicorn Overlord Tactics guide

Unicorn Overlord is a tactical role-playing game with an inventive battle system that makes for an amazing and distinctive gameplay experience. You'll experience a dynamic environment, meet allies, take on formidable foes, and perform heroic acts. In this article, we’ll share some useful tips on Tactics in Unicorn Overlord. 

Undoubtedly, the core of Unicorn Overlord lies in Tactics and their conditions on your units. Tactics will be one of the most important aspects you will be tinkering with as you perfect your army and its several different unit formations.

Setting up effective Tactics early in the game, especially on higher difficulties, will make a huge impact in how well your army performs in battle, even though it may seem difficult at first. Since each new unit you unlock will open up a lot more chances for you once you figure out how to set them up correctly, knowing how they work will not only help you dive deeper into the game's mechanics but also greatly boost your own enjoyment and excitement of it.

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Since the game has automatic combat right at the beginning, even the slightest adjustments to all of your offensive tactics conditions, like setting them up to target the enemy with the least HP first, will have a huge difference in your battles that you'll focus on a single individual enemy instead of spreading out your damage on several of them. Of course, this is just a very basic example, but it already shows the significant impact that even a small change can have, even in the early going.

Another very simple example of this is that, if you choose to combine a unit that can guard with a thief that dodges attacks, it can be helpful to set up that your shielded units only guard the thief from damage once it is less than full health. Until then, the thief can simply avoid all attacks without risk; otherwise, your Lord or Hoplite will continue to protect them first and suffer needless damage that they could preferably avoid.

Experiment and figure out how to apply your strategies from the start and if you appreciate the way this game is played, you'll find that Unicorn Overlord Skyrocket becomes more and more fun as you become better at it.