Avoid or Heal injury in Top Spin 2K25

The 2K tennis game Top Spin 2K25, which has been accessible since April 23, lets you take on the role of a tennis player who wishes to become the best in the sport.

As a player, you will deal with injuries that could finish your season or at least put you at a disadvantage for the following game or competition in Top Spin 2K25. In this article, we'll provide you some tips on how to lessen the chance of injury as well as how to heal them in the event that it does occur.

In Top Spin 2K25, you must pay close attention to your energy gauge if you want to prevent injuries. Your player will get tired from training, traveling, and playing games; if the gauge drops too low, you could endanger their health. We advise resting after you reach about 60% energy to lessen the possibility of injuring your player.

Avoid or Heal injury in Top Spin 2K25

Above all, avoid pushing your player after they have reached this energy threshold. If you do, you run the risk of suffering a minor injury that will only slightly impair your character's abilities, or in the worst case, a major injury that could endanger your season and your progress in the game.

How to heal injuries in Top Spin 2K25?

If, in spite of everything, you end up injured, your only option is to immediately place your player to rest. Unfortunately, in the game, you do not have access to a doctor who could provide you with prompt medical attention. If you continue to play with injury, you have a big risk of causing a more serious injury than the one that already affects him.