Best AFK Journey team composition to defeat Necrodrakon

One way to get new units for your game account in AFK Journey is to carry out draws. These units come in handy not only for defeating the Dream Realm bosses but also for advancing in the game. The Necrodragon, also known as Necrodrakon, is one of the opponents that you will encounter in this game mode. Here, we'll provide you a team to tackle this boss along with some useful tips.

If you're wondering which team composition is best to tackle the Necrodrakon. Well, there are different effective formations, but here is the one that we believe is the best.

The Necrodrakon is a boss that mostly targets healers in your party. In order to defeat it, it is advised to concentrate on heroes who are independent healers or survivors rather than using only one healer.

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Temesia is a powerful tank with excellent mobility and damage. Kruger is there to block the Necodrakon's ATK attacks, while Korin takes up his shielding duties as is the case for the Skyclops. On the other hand, Vala and Marilee take damage at a reasonably safe distance.

Pick the Awakening Spell as your artifact; it will increase the survivability of your composition by giving you attack, physical, and magical defense, as well as the ability to heal team members.

This team composition is just for your reference but these five characters are great picks to take on the Necrodrakon effectively.