Best characters in Squad Busters, tier list

Squad Busters is Supercell's newest game, following in the footsteps of Clash of Clans, Clash Royal, and Brawl Stars! The universe of Supercell's upcoming game will remain the same, and we can expect to see iconic figures like Shelly from Clash of Clans and the Queen of Archers from Brawl Stars. Fans will enjoy Squad Busters since it offers new gameplay.

Our Tier List consists of five different classes: the strongest characters are in the S level, while the weakest characters are in the D level. The tier list will be updated often in accordance with new developments and characters. The Squad Busters top character tier list is shown below.


In this category you find the best characters in the game, equipped with incredible power and capable of very surprising feats.

Barbarian King (Epic)

Witch (Epic)

Penny (Rare)

Hog Rider (Rare)


If these characters didn't have a few weaknesses, they would be Tier S characters. A-tier characters are very worthwhile to use and level up!

Best Characters, Squad Busters, Tier List

Mortis (Epic)

Archer Queen of (Epic)

Battle Healer (Epic)

Pam (Rare)

Royale King (Epic)


Tier B characters are characters to play only when you have not yet obtained an A or S level character. 

Bea (Rare)

Medic (Rare)

Dynamike (Rare)

Max (Rare)

Bo (Common)

Greg (Common)

Wizard (Rare)


These characters can be helpful at the beginning of an adventure, but they should only be utilized when you have absolutely no other characters.

Nita (Rare)

El Tigre (Rare)

Shelly (Common)

Mavis (Common)

El Primo (Common)


These are the weakest characters in the game. They are almost useless.

Trader (Common)

Colt (Common

Chicken (Common)

Goblin (Common)