Lifespan No Rest for the Wicked: how long to beat it?

Despite being in early access, some gamers are still wondering whether or not to buy No Rest for the Wicked. Our first thought when a new game launches is usually how many hours we'll need to spend playing it through. Whether or not to buy the said game can be influenced by this info. This is also true with No Rest for the Wicked.

No Rest for the Wicked is a popular early access title right now. In case you're wondering how long it will take for gamers to see the end credits, the answer is roughly 20 hours. This estimate covers the main story in addition to a few side quests. But be ready to invest up to 30 hours if you want to explore every corner and complete every mission.

Moon Studios doesn't stop there. The creators of No Rest for the Wicked promise two significant updates that will expand the game. In the first, three new places to explore and multiplayer will be added; in the second, The Breach, which seems to be the second act of the game. Cerim's Crucible, a roguelike-style dungeon, will also be added in a future update.

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The rogque-like dungeon's replayability combined with these additions may boost the entire experience to 35–40 hours. Of course, at this point, this is just speculation, and we'll have to wait for formal announcements to validate these numbers.

In any case, No Rest for the Wicked promises to be a remarkable experience. The developer and studio have already implemented hotfixes in response to various player issues expressed during the early days of early access. In addition to listening to helpful feedback, the crew is dedicated to giving players an experience worth getting. This is usually a good sign for a game.

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