Capsule AO Wuthering Waves best PC and mobile settings for FPS

Wuthering Waves is the most recent role-playing game featuring stunning animations. In order to get the most out of this game, it is essential to boost your FPS and optimize your graphics settings. Capsule AO is one of the graphics settings that has the potential to significantly reduce your frame rate. A lot of gamers are curious about what it is and, more importantly, how it affects the fluidity of the game.

To enhance the gameplay, Wuthering Waves provides an array of customizable graphical settings. Understanding the AO Capsule is crucial among them. Ambient occlusion, or capsule AO, is technique used to create soft shadows on physical objects. This approach has a significant impact on game performance and visual rendering.

In this post, we've compiled a list of some of the best Wuthering Waves in-game graphics settings to enhance the game's visual appeal, boost FPS and PC / mobile performance.  

Here are the recommended settings for PC players to have the best performance with respectable graphic quality:

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Graphics quality: Average

Display mode: Full screen

Resolution: Your native resolution

Frame rate: 60 FPS (or 120 FPS if available)

Shadow quality: Low

Special effects quality: Low

LOD Bias: Low

AO Capsule: Low or Disabled

Volumetric fog: Disabled

Volumetric Light: Off


Super Resolution: Performance

Sharpness: Zero

Anti-Aliasing: Disabled

V-Sync: Disabled

NVIDIA Reflex: Enabled

Making these changes will lower the amount of resources your system uses, which is essential to keep your frame rate steady and prevent stuttering.

Best Graphics Settings for Android and iOS Mobile Devices

The following settings are recommended for mobile gaming to prevent overheating and performance drops:

Graphics quality: Low

Resolution: High

Frame rate: 30 or 60 FPS

Shadow quality: Low

Special effects quality: Low

FSR: Disabled

LOD Bias: Medium

AO Capsule: Disabled

Anti-Aliasing: Disabled

Why adjust Capsule AO?

Capsule AO affects shadow depth and can consume a lot of resources. You may increase FPS by keeping it deactivated or low to lessen the strain on your GPU. The way that games function is also greatly affected by options such as shadow quality and special effects. In order to provide more resources for fluid gaming, disable or lower them.