Manor Lords: complete food guide

Your people in Manor Lords need food to survive. On top of that, plenty of different foods available on the market ensure your satisfaction. At farm level 3, the market needs to have four different kinds of food. You have two options: either import food via the trading post or make it yourself to save money. In this post, we’ll share all the options you have to ensure there is a sufficient supply of food.

Hunter camp for meat

It's easy to obtain food in the hunter's camp. There are often wild animals in your starting area that hunters can hunt and skin. The hunter's camp should be situated close to the wild animals to guarantee a short approach to them. The hired laborers handle the hides and meat that can be turned into leather.

You can also set a hunting limit. The figure establishes the maximum decline in the number of wild animals before hunters stop their work. They will resume hunting as soon as the population starts to grow.

Berry forager hut

There are berry bushes in the starting area. These berries are picked by workers of the forager hut. It is also advised that this hut be located close to the food source.

However, berries are a seasonal crop. They become extinct in December, so you should gather them all before winter arrives. Remember to remove your employees during the winter so you can reassign them to different projects until the berries begin to grow again.

Manor Lords, Complete Food Guide

Apiary for honey

You cannot easily build the Apiary. You first have to invest one point in the “Beekeeping” development branch.  Once you've done that, most of the work is already done.

The bee house can be placed anywhere you want. It just takes a few days to build and allocate a family, after which your population is stocked with honey. But, since each additional structure of this kind doesn't provide any more revenue, you shouldn't build more than two bee houses.

Wheat and rye fields for bread

Before beginning any agricultural work makes sure that the land on which you plan to cultivate wheat or rye is fertile. When you access the building menu, the right border of the screen will display an overlay. Click on the fertility of wheat or rye, then choose a green field marker.

Before you can start growing rye, you must first unlock "Orchardy" and "rye cultivation" in the development menu. Compared to wheat with lower fertility, rye has the advantage of achieving higher yields.

A farmhouse must be close by if you want to cultivate a field. Just like berries, fields are only suitable for cultivation in the spring, summer, or fall. For this reason, work is suspended throughout winter.

You may unlock the "Heavy Plow" feature in the development menu to make plowing considerably faster. The subsequent development of “fertilizer” also ensures rapid regeneration of fertility.

A windmill is required to grind the grain into flour, and the communal oven is what uses the flour to bake bread. An alternative would be to allocate one point to the "Bakeries" development. As a result, farmsteads might have a bakery with employees who can make bread twice as fast using the flour.