Quick combat tips and tricks to win fights in V Rising

In this post, I'll share some useful combat tactics that I wish I had known before playing V Rising, a vampire survival role-playing game with both PVE and PVP content.

V Rising undoubtedly revolves around combat. So let's talk about some helpful tips to make your battles go a bit smoother.

You may be tempted to rush headlong into a group of enemies and start slashing away and while it might be effective in certain role-playing games I found taking a more thoughtful approach was a much better way to tackle combat in V Rising. 

In this game, even basic foes are still very powerful. To reduce your opponents without being overpowered by the entire group, I advise trying to remove one or two of their allies from a group. It also helps if you eliminate smaller mobs before taking on the bosses that you will need to farm out in the world.

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V Rising's four gameplay loops entail finding and eliminating bosses known as V blood carriers. You will receive fantastic rewards after defeating one of these enemies, such as new spells, weapons, and crafting recipes.

In the early stages of the game, you should prepare yourself by eliminating the first three targets of your choice as quickly as you can.

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