Best Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road PC graphics settings

You need the best Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Gold Road settings in order to play the game smoothly. Though there isn't always a one-size-fits-all setup, following our recommendations will help you in the right direction.

The optimal in-game graphics settings that work for the majority of player types have been listed below:


Display Mode: Fullscreen

Resolution: Native (select the resolution that support your monitor)

Multithreaded Rendering - On


Graphics Settings

Texture Quality - High (depends on the amount of Vram on your PC)

Anti-Aliasing - NVIDIA DLSS 

DLSS Mode - Quality 

FSR Mode - Off

Shadow Quality - Low

Screen Space Reflection Quality - Off

Planar Reflection Quality - Off

Maximum Particle System - 1080 (move the slider about quarter of the bar)

Particle Suppression Distance - 50 (move the slider about quarter of the bar)

View Distance - 42 (move the slider about quarter of the bar)

Best Graphics Settings, Elder Scrolls Online, Gold Road, PC

Ambient Occlusion - SSAO

Grass - Low 

Depth Of Field - Off

Character Resolution - Medium 

Bloom - Off

Distortion - Off

Sunlight Rays - Off

Show Additional Ally Effects - Off

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