Final Fantasy XIV: who is Wuk Lamat Hrothgar in Dawntrail?

Players are looking forward to Dawntrail, the next Final Fantasy 14 (FF14) expansion, which will include two new classes and a ton of other new features. Dawntrail has also been accessible in early access since June 28 and will launch on July 2.

During your adventure, you will frequently interact with the character called Wuk Lamat and in this article we will provide you with details about her past, her function in the expansion, and her race—the Hrothgars.

Like many others, you may be curious about Wuk Lamat in FF14 Dawntrail. Well, she's a major character in the story of the expansion. She originates from Ilsabard and Tural, the continent that Dawntrail will allow us to explore, and is a member of the Hrothgar race.

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We may already have met Wuk Lamat at the end of the Endwalker expansion; she is the daughter of Gulool Ja Ja, the leader of the Tuliyollal nation of Tural. Also, it was her responsibility to ask assistance from the Warriors of Light regarding The Rite of Succession, which is currently raging on the continent of Tural. Since she plays an important role in Dawntrail, she will frequently offer you story missions and go on adventures with you.

As we previously explained to you, the Hrothgars are a feline race that is descended from Ilsabard and Tural. They made their debut alongside the Vieras at the beginning of the Shadowbringers expansion. They look more strong and animalistic than this race, even though they are similar to the Miqo'te. As was previously revealed in a trailer, the Dawntrail addition will teach us a great deal about Hrothgars. You will also be able to play as female Hrothgars.

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