The Final Shape stats, mods and armor build tips

After finishing Final Shape's basic activities, you should start giving stats and mods some thought. These have a significant effect on gameplay and will make your weapons and abilities feel considerably more powerful. 

The character screen displays your stats and each of which has a unique function.

Mobility: you will see that mobility does not change your sprint speed, but it will increase your strafe speed and jump height. Hunters can also dodge more frequently with this stat.

Resilience: in PVE, Resilience offers some damage resistance, boosts health, lessens flinch when getting hit, and speeds up the Titan barricades recharge.

Recovery: both your health and the regeneration of Warlock Rifts speed up with Recovery.

Discipline: discipline makes your grenades recharge more quickly.

Intellect: your Super recharges more quickly with Intellect. 

Strength: Strength speeds up melee recharging.

When building your character, you will need to choose the stats you personally want to focus on, so be sure to review the stats of the various armor parts you have so you can choose your favorites.

The Final Shape, Stats, Mods, Armor Build, Tips

Destiny and Stats are separated into tiers; only multiples of 10 actually affect your guardian. In other words, there is no difference between possessing 10 and 19 of a particular stat. For it to be better than 10, you would need to obtain up to 20. You should also be aware that stat points that are higher than 100 have no meaning at all. 

Getting armor with good rolls and maximizing your stats will become more important as you progress towards the The Final Shape endgame. When you are new, anything higher than 60 will generally be worth keeping. Especially, if it has high values for the desired stats. 68 is the maximum base total that can be reached before any mods or masterworks are done, with anything over 65 considered extraordinary.

On the other hand, Exotics have the potential to roll with a total of 71 stats, but these are extremely uncommon—in my whole time playing The Final Shape, I have only ever received a single 71 stat drop.

All of your weapons and armor will have mods applied to them. The majority of them can be unlocked by increasing your Guardian rank, although some of the more difficult ones require participation in unique endgame events such as Grandmaster Nightfalls, Trials of Osiris, and Raids. They can give bonuses to Stats and provide incredibly powerful and unique effects.

Weapon mods are very straightforward additions that make your weapon marginally better. For instance, they can modify the weapon's damage output against particular enemy types or expand the weapon's magazine size.

Armor mods are a little more complex as they do more things and can often synergize with one another. For instance one armor mod can charge up your character, and another would use that charge to increase one of your abilities.

You can explore a ton of various mods and experiment with them to find out your favorite combos.

You can use this simple build as a starting point. Even if it's not a comprehensive build, this will help you with a little boost without having to spend a lot of valuable materials to level up your armor. You'll also be able to create your own builds in the future by having a clear understanding of what a build actually looks like.

For Legendary armor you can level up anything to level five without spending anything other than Glimmer. It's important to plan ahead and ensure that the mods you choose will fit within your available armor level because each mod has a set price.

For your helmet I would add a heavy ammo finder mod for the cost of three. A minor armor stat mod is acceptable for the other two but you can't go wrong with a Kinetic Siphon or even Harmonic if your energy weapon matches your subclass damage type, 

For your arms you should use a fast small mod for the final point and a major resilience mod at a cost of four. In this game, resilience is vital. When your Resilience is at its highest, you will suffer far less damage.

In relation to damage reduction - Resistance mods are incredibly helpful for your chest. Concussive Dampener is excellent for lessening explosive damage, but I would probably use harmonic resistance instead, which gives you a resistance to your current subclass type and then add two more light damage types that don't match. For instance, if you are on Solar Hunter, I would put Harmonic Resistance in the first slot and Arc and Void Resistance in the second and third slots. The most frequent sorts of incoming damage are solar, arc, and void, so you shouldn't be too concerned about any of them.

For your legs use one damage Surge in the element type of your heavy weapon so if you're using a Solar Rocket put a Solar Surge 

Once you masterwork your boots it's crucial to run many of these for encounters such as raid boss fights although that won't be an issue for some time. Recuperation and Better Already are excellent class items for the remaining two slots, but you can instead use ability grenades and melee cooldown bonuses in place of them. I enjoy using Time Dilation and Powerful Attraction. These increase your armor charge, which in this case means that when you get an Orb of Power, your heavy weapon will deal more damage.

Once more, don't worry too much about stats right now; gradually you'll get better and better ones.

For a while, you'll be chasing things above 60 with a lot of Resilience, but gradually you'll start looking for 65 plus and gradually, you'll aim to get all the splits to bring as many categories without exceeding 100 as possible.

Your main focus will likely be on Resilience, Discipline, Recovery, and to a lesser extent, Intellect; but, additional focuses might be important later on, depending on the specific builds you craft. For instance, Resilience doesn't really offer any damage resistance against other players, therefore it's not nearly as crucial for PVP. To recover my dodge faster in PvP, I run a very low Resilience and a very high Mobility on my Hunter.

All in all, just make sure you save a lot of your loot and don't be scared to store it in the vault—there are hundreds of slots—so you can always come back and retrieve it at a later time.

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