In addition to various Riddler’s puzzles and trophies in Batman - Arkham Knight you can also find destructible objects in Gotham City. Batman's task and goal is to eliminate these.

In the entire metropolitan area there are 90 destructible objects distributed to the Riddler’s Challenges ( ER challenges include). These Riddler items can be shoot with the right gadget.

All Riddler destructible objects with locations maps:

- Bleak Island
- Founder’s Island
- Miagani Island
- Panessa Studios
- Stagg airships
- Arkham Knight HQ
- Subway Tunnel

To collect all the Riddler’s objects, trophies or puzzles, here is an overview of all the Locations of the Riddler's Collectibles.

Breakable objects (Bleake Island)

To complete Bleake Island you have to destroy further 15 objects in the game world. But mostly the Batmobile shot is enough.

Breakable objects (Founders Island)

Continue on Founder’s Island with our guide to the Riddler's locations in Batman - Arkham Knight . Eleven destructible objects can be found here. Also required 100% mark of the game.

Breakable objects (Miagani Island)

15 items can be found here on the second island. Destroy them to get closer to the Riddler piece.

Breakable objects (Panessa Studios)

The match at the Panessa studios with 15 destructible objects.

Breakable objects (Stagg airships)

The Riddler's Trophies tend to an end slowly. You need to reach 100 percent in Batman - Arkham Knight . You can get hold of the airships with 15 destructible objects.

Breakable objects (Underground)

Here, the Riddler has hidden 4 objects in the underground construction of Gotham Metro City . The map marks the objects: Fire.

Breakable objects (Arkham Knight HQ)

Riddler designed 15 objects in Arkham Knight headquarters: Catch 'em all!


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