Arthur Christmas 2011 Film Score Composed by Harry Gregson-Williams

The success of a movie does not just depend on the storyline, director or the actors. The film score is also another factor why a simple movie can be turned into a smash hit. For nearly two decades, Harry Gregson-Williams has masterfully composed remarkable scores for films as well as for video games. From White Angel to Cowboys and Aliens, and for the Metal Gear Solid series, Harry adds a wonderful touch that differentiates him from other novices of the 90's and early 20's. For those of you that care about his work," the score for "Arthur Christmas 2011" will be available for purchase on November 04, one week before the film opens in the UK.

Arthur Christmas (2011) Complete Soundtrack

1. Trelew, Cornwall, England

2. Operation Christmas

3. “Waker!”

4. Mission Control

5. One Missed Child

6. Bring Them Home

7. Dash Away

8. Paris Zoo?
Arthur Christmas, 2011, Film, Score, soundtrack, Composed, Harry Gregson-Williams

9. The Wrong Trelew

10. Race to Gwen’s House

11. Arthur’s Sadness

12. Serengeti Escape

13. “Worry Me!”

14. Space Travel

15. Goodbye Evie

16. Christmas Morning

17. We Wish You A…

18. Make Someone Happy – Bill Nighy

Arthur Christmas - Official Trailer 2