Scars and Stories -The Fray New Album set for early 2012

It's been almost three years since Denver-based piano-rock band The Fray released their self titled sophomore album The Fray, and now they are back with their third studio album Scars and Storie, produced by Brendan O'Brien. The CD contains twelve songs and most of them were inspired by their real life experiences. The first single from the album Heartbeat was released as a promotional single in October. It is a great upbeat, radio friendly rock song. The band once again brings some great, heartfelt lyrics to the table, not to mention some soul-wrenching vocals from Issac Slade.

The Fray is one of those outstanding musical groups that comes along who at once stick in your mind and thrust you to fall in love. To best depict their music style, you could say they sound like a mix between like a mix between Augustan and Coldplay. But that explanation merely doesn't do their music justice. You could evaluate them to many bands, and never quite hit the nail on the head. The fact of the issue is, they play pure rock music with heart.

Live The Fray "Heartbeat"

Scars and Stories is set for release on February 7, 2012.

scars and stories, the fray, new, album, cd, cover, image Track List:

1. "Heartbeat"

2. "The Fighter"

3. "Turn Me On"

4. "Run for Your Life"

5. "The Wind"

6. "1961"

7. "I Can Barely Say"

8. "Munich"

9. "Here We Are"

10. "48 to Go"

11. "Rainy Zurich"

12. "Be Still"


  1. Can't wait for this! Scars and Stories should be out Feb 2nd. lovin their new video for "Heartbeat", check it out


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