Monica returns with New Life, new Label and tracks

Miss Thang" is still standing after one and half decades in the music industry. When she released her sophomore album in 1998 she became one of the most thriving R&B singers at the time. But it took her several years to come up with another album, when finally "After the Storm" was released a lot of changes had taken place in the ever changing world of music, a new style, new producers and further competition. She decided to replace her winning Pop/R&B producer Dallas Austin from her sophomore album with Hip Hop producer Missy Elliott. She also changed the soft and tender approach with a more gangster image and more beat oriented music instead of well crafted R&B with great hooks. She continued to apply the same formula for her subsequent albums. It looks like the production is taking over her own image and she is no longer in charge of what she is doing, and many of her longtime fans are greatly disappointed by the changes.

I think a lot of fans want her to make a record similar to "The Boy Is Mine", her most popular and selling album to date. I believe she got a lot more freedom this time to support her stuff.

“New Life” will be her seventh studio album produced by Monica Arnold, Missy Elliott, Bryan-Michael Cox, Cainon Lamb, Polow da Don and Jermaine Dupri. "Anything (To Find You)" released as a promotional single in August, featuring rapper Rick Ross and the first single from the album titled “Until It's Gone” was released in September, and both tracks were penned by longtime collaborators Cainon Lamb, Missy Elliott and Jazmine Sullivan. Her voice is very touching here and there's no hooping and hollaring, just clean singing. The reason why these two songs were heavily praised by fans and music critics, in my opinion, is because it is not inline with modern R&B, but rather more traditional R&B.

Monica’s New Life was released on April 10, 2012 through her new label RCA, and the complete track list includes the following songs:

1. "New Life (Intro)" (featuring Mary J. Blige)

2. "It All Belongs to Me" (with Brandy)

3. "Daddy’s Good Girl"

4. "Man Who Has Everything"

5. "Big Mistake"

6. "Take a Chance" (featuring Wale)

7. "Without You"

8. "Until It's Gone"

9. "Amazing"

10. "Cry"

11. "Time to Move On

12. "New Life (Outro)"

Listen to Monica's "Until It's Gone