Epica-Requiem for the Indifferent, Karma, Delirium

Epica are a Dutch B'n'B band. That stands for rather dated term of Beauty and the Beast type music exist late nineties and early twenties. Now, most bands just settle for Symphonic Metal or cite the fact all of these types of bands have a female as the lead vocalist, such as Sirenia, Within Temptation and Epic. They have gradually reduced the amount of death vocals they use in their music. I don’t know why, but I'm sure it has something to do with being more reachable for the general listener.

If you haven't already heard this band before, they are worth a listen because of their distinctive musical style. I think their lead vocalist Simone Simons has one of the finest voices in this musical genre. It only gets better with time. But they are more than just her voice. The excellent music, splendid choir and the catchy lyrics make this band unforgettable. If you are an enthusiast of Symphonic metal with blend of Prog, Death and Black metal then Epica are just the right band for you.

Epica will release their fifth studio album “Requiem for the Indifferent” on March 13, 2012 (US). You can listen to the first single "Storm the Sorrow" from their new album below:

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Track List (US Edition)

1. "Karma" (track length 1:32)

2. "Monopoly on Truth" (7:11)

3. "Storm the Sorrow" (5:12)

4. "Delirium" (6:07)

5. "Internal Warfare" (5:12)

6. "Requiem for the Indifferent" (8:34)

7. "Anima" (1:24)

8. "Guilty Demeanor" (3:22)

9. "Deep Water Horizon" (6:31)

10. "Stay the Course" (4:25)

11. "Deter the Tyrant" (6:36)

12. "Avalanche" (6:52)

13. "Serenade of Self-Destruction" (9:51)

14. "Twin Flames" (bonus track)