Heritage: Opeth’s new album coming out in September 2011

Opeth is back with yet another promising album tiled “Heritage”. It is their 10th studio album recorded in Sweden. “Heritage” is slated for release on September 20, 2011 through Roadrunner Records.

The first single off their new album titled "The Devil's Orchard" was released on July 26, 2011. The single has 70’s vibe to it, and wonderfully show of their diversity and progressive nature filled into a six minute track. It has amazing solos, a bit of blast beat drumming, plenty of death growls, but the track balances out with harmonious guitar and vocal work, and some jazz twists.

Opeth is frequently stated along with bands I like such as Dream Theater and Porcupine Tree. A couple of years ago I listened Blackwater Park but was disliked by the death metal growls and already having such a huge music collection I kind of ignored the album. Recently, my interests have gotten a little heavier and I have been listening to bands such as: Mastodon and Baroness. I determined to look at Opeth's albums yet again and be more patient as is always needed with progressive tune to really get it and feel it. I heard their last three albums “Damnation” “Ghost Reveries” and “Watershed” and they slowly grew on me. Their music is exceptionally sad, soothe and really heavy all at the same time. It’s a thrilling experience listening to their music once you are used to the heavier parts.

With every release, they are capable to achieve what only some bands can: they manage to adjust their approach, and yet when you hear their songs, they are clearly Opeth. And they accomplish this without producing a single weak track or filler.

This album will most likely split longtime followers sharply into two camps - people who value the Opeth's continuing progression and testing, and the rest who cry sellout. In spite of, unbiased and adventurous listeners will find “Heritage” unexpectedly enthralling.

Heritage, Opeth, new, album, release, cd,  audio Heritage track listing:

1. "Heritage"

2. "The Devil's Orchard"

3. "I Feel the Dark"

4. "Slither"

5. "Nepenthe"

6. "Haxprocess"

7. "Famine"

8. "The Lines in My Hand"

9. "Folklore"

10. "Marrow of the Earth"

11. "Pyre" (bonus track)

12. "Face in the Snow" (bonus track)