The Lorax music by John Powell, listen Onceler

John Powell, Academy Award nominated composer, who composed soundtrack for The Bourne film series and How to Train Your Dragon, has returned to compose soundtrack for the Universal Pictures’ newest animated movie The Lorax.

Powell is certainly one of the most distinctive voices in film composition. His musical style is nothing but his own. He is simply smart in his note and musical attenuation of the most fundamental Five, Six, and Seven note themes. There are few themes present in his music, but the narrow melodies are caused to undergo their every pace as difficult counterpoint and rhythmic formation define further cases as they explore almost every part of their simplistic nature. He uses a great deal of synthetic and sampled elements but they are flawlessly layered that they facilitate fill-out orchestral parts; in lesser hands this marriage of electronic and acoustic endures from unnecessary bombast and dull 1-4-5 or 1-5-6-4 chordal structures. Powell’s best work comes from his one of a kind Soundtrack from "How to Train Your Dragon" which earned him his first Academy Award nomination.

The Lorax Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (OST) CD is due for release on March 6, 2012, four days after the release of the movie.

DR. SEUSS' THE LORAX Trailer Official (HD)

the lorax, soundtrack, cd, ost, cover, image The Lorax full Soundtrack CD will contain the followings:

1. Ted, Audrey and the Trees

2. Granny to the Edge

3. Wasteland

4. Truffula Valley Fantasy (featuring The Lorax Humming Fish)

5. Onceler & Lorax Meet

6. O’Hare Warns Ted

7. The River Bed

8. Houseguests

9. Valley Exodus

10. The Last Seed

11. Thneedville Chase

12. At the Park

13. Funeral For A Tree