Relapse: Ministry back with New Album, FreeFall

Having been a metal head since the age of fifteen, it took a several years before I realized there was a musical world beyond metal. Since getting into other genres of music, I have become more and more discerning when listening to metal. My own arrogance meant that usually I'd turn my nose up at a lot of metal bands, telling that were too easy and not challenging enough. Upon listening to Ministry’s music, I'd realized that over the years I'd started to miss the point.

For a band that went through one of the most impressive musical improvements during the 80's, from the electronic pop to the industrial metal of their peak late eighties and nintees classic records, Ministry has stood still for the greater part of the past two decades. In the nineties they proved to be needed to the industrial-metal scene, while sustaining their status as the "pioneers of industrial rock". Filth Pig, Land of Rape and Honey, Psalm 69 and The Mind is a Terrible Thing To Taste are certainly remain some of the nineties most definite records.

After an extended hiatus from their last studio album “The Last Sucker” in 2007, Ministry return to the music scene with a brand new album titled “Relapse”, set for release on March 30, 2012 via 13th Planet.

Ministry will be touring North America, Europe and Australia (The DeFiBriLaTouR) in support of their new album Relapse. Complete Tour Dates can be found at Wikipedia.

Listen to Ministry's 99%

relapse, ministry, cd, new, album, cover, image Tracks

1."Ghouldiggers" – (Track length 7:41)

2."Double Tap" – (4:06)

3."FreeFall" – (4:36)

4."Kleptocracy" – (3:54)

5."United Forces" – (4:53)

6."99%" – (3:53)

7."Relapse" – (5:49)

8."Weekend Warrior" – (5:43)

9."Git Up Get Out 'n Vote" – (3:59)

10."Bloodlust" – (5:37)

11."Relapse Defibrillator Mix" (Bonus Track) – (7:06)