Train reveals California 37 new album Drive By Bruises

Train, literally, stormed the music industry several years ago with their Grammy Award-winning song “Drops Of Jupiter” from their sophomore album of the same name, which immediately brought fame and international recognition to the band. Many fans compare their sound to the Counting Crows, but unlike CC, their lyrics emerge from the nadir and paint a picture of hope and enlightenment. The band comprises some of the most individual talented musicians as one; a grouping of which has not appeared in a decade. Certain, all their records have catchy hooks and lyrics; however, the instrumentals that weave in and out of every set are outstanding. Hector Maldonado shares the honor on simple yet creative bass; Jimmy Stafford’s rhythm guitar either screams coolness or sneaks in on the sidelines. Patrick Monahan's vocals are exceptional enough to keep Train recognizable. Scott Underwood is a classic artiste (drummer) pulling together all the arranging, percussion, strings programming that award their music its spirit. Every band member contributes and does well off the other to make some of the great music of the last decade.

The band have revealed over their official website that they are currently working on their seventh studio album titled “California 37”. The track list will contain thirteen brand new songs including Bruises, The Least I Can Do and their recently released “Drive By”. “California 37” will be available for purchase on April 17, 2012.

Watch - Train "Drive By" Live

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