War Horse movie on Home Video in April - review

War Horse is a family adventure movie targeted mostly at the younger generation. The screenplay was written by Lee Hall and Richard Curtis based on both, a children novel of the same name by Michael Morpurgo and the stage adaptation in 2007, and the film was directed by Steven Spielberg.

Storylines in war films are typically about the victories or defeats that come from it and almost all the time contain aggression. Either they are based on true stories or are merely a work of fiction. They are also commonly seen through the eyes of the military officials that are on the combat zone. This movie focuses mainly on those incidents, but it is in fact revealed through the journey of a horse involved.

The film is set in First World War and tells the story of a 15 year old boy named Albert Narracott (played by Jeremy Irvine) and his beloved horse named Joey. Albert has trained his horse over time and the two develop an enduring bond with one another. As a result of the demands of war, the horse is sold to the military, much to Albert's disappointment. He is later notified that his horse has been sent to the battlefield. Albert before long realizes that in order to protect his horse from the evils of combat, he should take back him from the front line as a soldier, and not as a kid.

War Horse is a truly astounding and touching story, re-telling the unpleasant realities of the WWI from a new angle as Joey finds himself plunge into the war, Forced to carry out duties for both sides, frequently force in harm's way and even lost in the front line. The story soon has you attached to the beloved character and his troubles. Eventually, his owner Albert comes to his rescue, jeopardizing his own life to save his dear friend.

The production team and the cast did an excellent job of turning the book and the play into a great movie. Most of the story's real feeling comes from its human characters and their connections with each other. The actors who performed these roles really did an excellent job of pouring on the direct amount of feeling and persona that was needed.

Dreamworks Studios will release War Horse on Home Video (DVD, Blu-ray and Combo Pack) on April 03, 2012, after nearly four months since its wide theatrical release. The Home Video releases will contain extra features such as War Horse: The Look, A Filmmaking Journey and more.

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