Brandy Two Eleven-Hardly Breathing, How High, review

Brandy returns with her sixth studio album and her first in over four years, "Two Eleven". Her last album, “Human" may have been her smallest seller but it's a solid album. As its title suggests, is packed with lyrics showing her compassion; regret, vulnerability, life and love. She has never been one of your classic soul singers nor has she been a pretty all some dancing singing R&B doll princess. What this shows is that over the past decade, she has used her warm, hoarse voice with delicacy and to brilliant effect. Production on all of her records has been compassionate allowing her voice to almost "float" over the composition every so often giving it an ethereal quality.

Back in late nineties, she was sitting on top of the world, with best-selling albums, starring roles in films, and her own sitcom. A lot has changed over the past decade, but she has continued somewhat active on the music industry, but she was not capable to attain the success of her album "Never Say Never." Part of that has been owing to the extended intervals between her records, and true to form, it has been four years since her last record dropped. So here we are all at once, over a decade later since “The Boy is Mine”, Brandy and Monica team-up once again to produce the lead single "It All Belongs to Me" from Brandy’s upcoming album "Two Eleven" which is also slated to include on Monica’s new album New Life. "It All Belongs to Me" is a pure R&B song that has some engaging vocals, and dope sounding bass of all, it has real meaning and approach! You can listen to the song below:

Brandy, Monica,its all belongs to me, new, song, image, cover

"Two Eleven" will also include tracks such as Can't Cope, Hardly Breathing, How High and In My Head. This album will release in June 2012.


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