Gossip A Joyful Noise tracklist revealed, Get A Job

Gossip are a three piece band consisting of simply a vocalist Beth Ditto, guitarist Brace Paine and drummer Hannah Blilie. They made their way to a major label with their fourth album “Music For Men”, thanks largely in part to the their lead vocalist Beth Ditto. Her prominence together with their breakout record in 2006 with Standing in the Way of Control and a concert with The White Stripes was enough to get them into a contract with “Columbia Records”.

"Perfect World" was the first single to drop from their new album A Joyful Noise. The song has a sense of urgency and craving, showcasing Beth's vocal talent amazingly. For a group looking to spot on their sound without dropping the edge that got them to where they are, producer Brian Higgins was the right choice.

Gossip will release A Joyful Noise on May 22 through Columbia Records. The new album contains the following songs:

1. Melody Emergency

2. Perfect World

3. Get A Job

4. Move In The Right Direction

5. Casualties of War

6. Into The Wild

7. Get Lost

8. Involved

9. Horns

10. I Won't Play

11. Love In A Foreign Place

Listen to Gossip's new song Perfect World