Katie Melua Secret Symphony-Moonshine, Heartstrings

Nora Jones and Diana Krall are two of my favorite contemporary female jazz singers. Both hold that smoky vibe that captures your imagination. You can now add Katie Melua to that list. As young as she is, she has control that is astonishing and a range that sounds effortless.

Her approach to music surely does not go hand in hand with her age: that is to say she's not part of the Lady Gagas or the Rihannas of the world. With her music and her charisma, she's target more mature listeners with a mix of jazz and blues, which certainly reminds a lot of people of Norah Jones. The huge diversity lies in her voice, which strongly resonates when she sings along with playing guitar through every single song in her past records.

Katie Melua released her fifth studio album Secret Symphony on March 13, 2012 (US) through Dramatico records. Mike Batt not only produced this album, but also wrote few songs in collaboration with Melua. Secret Symphony contains the following songs:

Enjoy Katie Melua's new song "Gold in them Hills"

1. "Gold in them Hills"

2. "Better than a Dream"

katie melua, secret symphony, new, album, cd, cover, image 3. "The Bit That I Don't Get"

4. "Moonshine"

5. "Forgetting All My Troubles"

6. "All Over the World"

7. "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out"

8. "The Cry of the Lone Wolf"

9. "Heartstrings"

10. "The Walls of the World"

11. "Secret Symphony"