Manson Born Villain-Bonus track features Johnny Depp

Marilyn Manson's music has constantly been some of the most obscure and, stimulating music out there. His songs are his social observations on the whole lot from religious hypocrisy to drugs and not any of it was ever meant to be easy to comprehend. He has all the time been about finding deeper comprehension by thinking for yourself and building your own passage of discovery, which is just what his songs are. He has been one of the most talked about singer of our time, but how much of those conversations have been about the real music? Like such contentious singers as Britney Spears or Alice Cooper, Marilyn's stage performances and overall emergence has sparked more discuss than the music. When the band first appeared on the music scene in nineties, they were seen as all shock, but with one or two good rock songs to worry parents and draw teens in. Despite the fact that they didn't quite take on MTV, they found other ways to get into the media perception with their contentious concerts and even a weird appearance on the Phil Donahue Show. While they rejoiced a warped cartoon/talk show behavior, their music was not getting a lot of attention that is until their cover of the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams" was published. It's a weird crawling spine tingler that still holds up to day and cemented the band's most significant releases, Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals. During that time, Marilyn was a mad scientist and was US culture's public antagonist number one. These days, he doesn't fairly make the impact he once did. His latest releases aren't nearly as terribly intriguing as such numbers as "Disposable Teens" or "The Beautiful People".

Marilyn Manson is currently in the studio working on his eight studio album titled Born Villain, tentatively scheduled for release on May 1, 2012 (US). "No Reflection" was released as the first single from the new album. It is a very interesting song. Kick-ass chorus, pretty good lyrics, and some memorable riffs, but it lacks enough lyrics. "No Reflection" may not appeal to a new fan or the casual listener but to his old and true fans it will. Born Villain track list will have thirteen songs such as Hey, Cruel World..., Pistol Whipped, Overneath the Path of Misery" and will also contain bonus track "You're So Vain", featuring Johnny Depp.

You can listen to "No Reflection" below:

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