Johnny Depp (Carl Kolchak) to Star The Night Stalker-movie

The 70’s TV series that opened the door for one of the most terrific horror based TV show of all time, "The Night Stalker" is an outstanding piece of story telling and movie creation that stands on its own right as one of the most thrilling and horrifying flicks ever made.

Now, Infinitum Nihil, the movie production company recently acquired the film rights to bring the 70's classic TV show “The Night Stalker” to the silver screen. The film director and writer Edgar Wright is currently in talks to direct the adaptation, and most probably to pen the script for it. While Johnny Depp is onboard to play the role of Carl Kolchak, who is a Las Vegas newspaper journalist working on a story about the mysterious killings of showgirls.

The Carl Kolchak character comes from a book titled "The Kolchak Papers" which was written by ex-journalist Jeff Ric, and then it’s been adapted into a TV series based on a screenplay by Richard Matheson, who has contributed some excellent scripts to fantasy cinema including Steven Spielberg's 1971 hit movie, "Duel".

No word yet on a production start date, film release dates or the rest of the cast.

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