The Toy Dolls The album After The Last One track list

After eight years since their last studio album “Our Last Album?”, The Toy Dolls are back with a brand new album The Album After The Last One. It features thirteen of their latest hits such as Sciatica Sucks and Dirty Doreen. The new album is set for release on March 19, 2012.

You may or may not have heard of them. Fact is they are one of the first punk rock bands from the UK. Their music can be described as Comic Punk Rock. Also, at times their songs can become harder and faster. They also happen to be one of the hilarious bands I have ever heard. If you are fascinated with something that stray from what other say real punk rock is, then Toy Dolls’ upcoming album "The Album After The Last One" is definitely something to check out.

Listen to The Toy Dolls' Credit Crunch Christmas


1. Olgamental Intro

2. Credit Crunch Christmas

3. Molly Was Immoral

4. Sciatica Sucks

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5. B.E.E.R

6. Kevin's Cotton Wool Kids

7. Don't Drive Yer Car Up Draycott Avenue

8. Dirty Doreen

9. Down At The Old 29

10. Marty's Mam

11. Gordon Brown Gets Me Down

12. Decca's Drinking Dilemma

13. Olgamental Outro

Bonus Tracks (Olga Acoustic recordings)

14. Fiery Jack

15. Cloughy is a Bootboy

16. The Sphinx Stinks