Thats Why God Made the Radio Tracklist, Brian-Beach Boys

If you are a die-hard Beach Boys fan and love them from their very first record Surfin' Safari to all of their other releases, you’ll notice the quantum leaps they create in musical ripeness with every record. I like them the most when they had their signature sound, most likely through to "Surf's Up" where their sound astonishingly changed. You saw indications of the changes to come in the couple of records prior to "Surf's Up" but it grown into full bloom then. Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys have always had though regardless of their instrumental style was their trademark vocal preparations that Wilson patterned after the Four Freshman hits he loved, and nobody does it better or has verged upon.

Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys will release their twenty-ninth album That’s Why God Made the Radio on June 05, 2012. The album will include 12 tracks of all new Beach Boys material, and it will also coincide with the band's 50th anniversary celebrations.

That’s Why God Made the Radio Complete track list

1. "Think About the Days" (track length 1:27)

2. "That's Why God Made the Radio" (3:19)

3. "Isn't It Time" (3:45)

4. "Spring Vacation" (3:07)

5. "The Private Life Of Bill And Sue" (4:17)

6. "Shelter" (3:02)

7. "Daybreak Over the Ocean" (4:20)

8. "Beaches in Mind" (2:38)

9. "Strange World" (3:03)

10. "From There To Back Again" (3:23)

11. "Pacific Coast Highway" (1:52)

12. "Summer's Gone" (4:40)

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