Award Wining Artist Carrie Underwood's Blown Away review

After winning AI, selling quite a few million copies of her records, and taking home several awards, Carrie Underwood delivers her fourth effort "Blown Away." Now noticeably with the sort of awards and numbers her last three records brought her, Blown Away has some huge footsteps to follow in. All of the tracks on the record were hand selected, with Carrie even wrote several songs, and it is clear that much attention was given to the tracks on the record.

She kicks off the album with an all-out pop country hit “Good Girl." which was written by Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley and Underwood, exhibits an unmistakable mark of skill gained in her move from a rising country/pop singer-songwriter to a mature country vixen. While the first three tracks bring a bit darker tone and turn into more lighthearted as the record goes on.

This album exhibits her wide range of vocal and songwriting skills in addition to her ability to produce a record which is a good mixture of both pop and country. As usual for Carrie the majority of the pop tracks found on the record bring a darker tone while her country tracks bring a joyful tone. Tracks Good Girl One, Blown Away and Way Ticket are the best tracks on the records and exhibit her vocal talent.

The record begins strongly, but drops down somewhat in quality for the 2nd half of the record with the exclusion being “Leave Love Alone”. While I like the most pop influenced numbers found on this record, even if I am not a huge country music fan I still enjoyed the country hits from this album.

Carrie Underwood - Blown Away Live

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