Keyshia Cole is back with Woman to Woman

At time when more brilliant singers are turning into more famous and music is being based on talent and singers are infusing Dance/R&B/Hip-Hop/pop together, Keyshia Cole entered the music scene at the right time. She has a remarkable voice, songwriting, and music/vocal arranging capabilities. Ever since she hit the music scene in 2005 she has been compared to Mary J. Blige (MJB). A few have even gone as far to say that she's a student of hers. If her first album, "The Way It Is" is like MJB's "What's The 411" then her second record "Just Like You" is like MJB's "Mary", her fourth record. Keyshia is an advanced student.

Keyshia is currently working on her next record Woman to Woman which will release later this year. Enough of No Love will serve as the first single off her new album featuring rapper Lil Wayne. The following songs have rerecorded for the album, but the final track list has yet to be confirmed.

Enough of No Love
Can't Make You Love Me
Woman to Woman
Get It Right
Bigger Than Love
Sex Me Time
You and Me
This Moment
Sign Your Name
Something's Gotta Change
I Can't Stay
Beautiful Angel

Keyshia Cole, Woman to Woman