Madagascar 3 (M3) Coming to Home Video in Oct. - Review

Dreamworks' movies have not being able to seize a candle to caliber of Pixar movies, but the latest installment in the Madagascar movie series, Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, is learning from Pixar at the very least. This type of movies work when they are able to effectively blend humor, heart, and a better story to keep viewers entertained for over an hour.

M3 is pretty much your archetypal animation film. Following the same arrangement of the earlier films this has a lot of entertainment for the kids, plus some humors to keep the adults entertained as well. The story follows the same group of animals as they try to return to their home in NY, while trying to get away from an animal control officer. They make friends with some circus animals and hitch a ride on their train.

Apparently even the creators of this film comprehended that some of the same old gags are a bit weary so there is no lack of side characters brought into the fold here including Gia the jaguar, Vitaly the tiger and the King Julien XIII. The backgrounds are amazing once more but, and not unlike in the real world, much more faded and open.

Paramount Home Entertainment and Dreamworks Animation will release Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted on Bluray and DVD on October 16, 2012. The releases will include extras features listed below:

Marty's Rainbow Wig (2D Blu-ray exclusive)

Get them to the Train game (Blu-ray exclusive)

Animators' Corner (Blu-ray exclusive)

Trivia Track (Blu-ray exclusive)

Mad Music Mash-up

Deleted Scenes

Circus Acts

Big Top Cast

Filmmakers' Commentary

Making of How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular arena show world tour

Digital Copy & Ultraviolet Copy of the film

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