Taylor Swift Red, We’re Never Ever Getting Back Together review

Taylor Swift’s previous album, Speak Now, put her heart on display and the outcome were so convincing, so innocent that everyone from journalists to fans assumed a defending role for the artist. She has seen her fame skyrocket in the past several years and with that new fame comes the increased media hype surrounding her private life. Now 22 years old, Taylor is still changing from a young girl into a woman, experienced in both love and heartbreak.

I like her lyrics from her debut album. She captures the essence of her age - when she was a teenager, her music reflect the experience of that age group. Speak Now matured from her last two records, produced some fresh themes, but still reflected where she was in life. We are Never Ever Getting Back Together, release as the lead single from her upcoming album "Red" does this again. It is written by Taylor Swift and co-written by Max Martin and Shellback. A break up song, that sound is turned into more of a pop-rock track rather than a country one, with a chorus that will stay in your head for while.

Since the album won't be out until October 22, 2012, I'm sure she will drop another track before then. For now, enjoy her new song that only she could make seem refreshing.

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