Safe House 2 (Movie) in The Works

Universal Pictures is currently working on a sequel to Safe House, according to The Hollywood reporter. David Guggenheim who wrote the original screenplay is back to write the sequel and Scott Stuber is onboard once again to produce it. It is uncertain if Denzel Washington or Ryan Reynolds would return to reprise their roles.

The original movie is one of the few films I have actually gone out to see this year, and I must say I was pretty much amazed with it and once it gets started, just never stops; as the action is nonstop and can even sometimes take your breath away. Everything I have seen with Ryan in the previous films has had him as a fun character. In the original movie Ryan plays a CIA agent “Matt Weston” who has to protect a safe house in Africa. All through the movie it's clear that his character is a very complex. The camera stays in reasonably tight all through the movie which also adds to the intensity of what you’re seeing.

Hopefully, the sequel could probably live up to the greatness of the first movie.

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